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Drive 3%+ increase in conversions with Digioh! Enjoy easy contact collection, quizzes, surveys, landing pages, & preference centers - all designed to capture, converge, & convert more zero-party data!

Marketing Automation, ESP

About Digioh

Grow your email + SMS message marketing list, capture zero-party data, and drive more sales with high-converting product recommendation quizzes, on-site and email surveys, landing pages, and preference centers. 

Digioh’s flexible offering empowers brands to take full advantage of the power of data - and quickly reap the rewards by having more personalized on-site, email, SMS, and re-targeting experiences than ever before.  

For marketers - Digioh allows you to gather more consumer-consented, zero-party data than ANY platform in market, and leverage this data across ALL marketing channels at both micro and macro scale. Increase your conversions by rolling out product recommendation quizzes, implement surveys pre-purchase for first-time website visitors to learn more about who they are, what or who they're shopping for, then build your initial conversation via email or SMS based upon this information - increasing the likelihood of both a new customer gained, higher LTV, and lower opt-out rates. 

With over 1400 customers, 200+ integrations, and 2 billion bits of zero-party data collected daily - there is no platform stronger than Digioh to help brands drive incremental revenue growth, build customer experience, and harvest + activate zero-party data in forward-thinking, innovative ways. And - with Digioh's full-service design and technical support team - Digioh customers get started faster, driving faster ROI, and incremental success within 30 days! 

Digioh and Webbula

Contact data, such as an email address, capture by Digioh is confirmed in real-time by Webbula - allowing for better database hygiene and enhanced deliverability from day one.

Use cases

  • Forms and Pop-Ups

    Grow your email and SMS marketing lists with multi-step web forms, pop-ups, and sliders. Choose from 200+ templates, or create forms from scratch with the pixel-perfect editor. Keep your widgets on-brand with unlimited custom fonts, images, and CSS. Control exactly when and where pop-ups appear with a flexible conditions editor. Personalize forms with dynamic content. Maximize campaign performance with A/B and multivariate testing.

  • Lead Generation Quizzes

    Launch product recommendation quizzes and other quiz funnels with a flexible quiz solution. With flexible input types, branching logic, weighted questions, score calculation, and the ability to show multiple results, our team can help you create a quiz designed to convert. Increase quiz completions with onsite pop-up teasers and quiz CTAs.

  • Surveys

    Get user feedback, ratings, CSAT/NPS® scores, and more with customer surveys. Embed surveys on your site, show them in a pop-up, or survey users via email. Trigger surveys at key moments in the customer lifecycle, such as after purchase.

  • Landing Pages

    Capture more leads with landing pages, hosted on your domain. Start with a template, then drag and drop to customize your page to your brand. Personalize landing pages with dynamic content.

  • Email Preference Centers

    Give subscribers control of their email experience with a custom preference center. Reduce unsubscribes by allowing subscribers to choose their email content, set message frequency, or pause all communication for a set period of time. Keep your preference center on-brand with a drag-and-drop editor.

  • eCommerce Conversion

    Increase revenue with browse & cart abandonment, dynamic free shipping banners, unique coupon codes, and other eCommerce tools.